Saturday, October 10, 2015

OM.2015.013 - Derek Owens - Exhibition Catalog - USA

OM.2015.013 - Dr. Derek Owens Curator - USA
- Exhibition Catalog and several postcards with note
Exhibition at Saint John's University, Dr. M. T. Geoffery Yeh Art Gallery entitled; "'Vices Peculiar to These Eclectics' Contemporary Collage" April 1-May 5
a group exhibition including collage artists:
 Virginia Fleck, Vanessa German, Caroline Golden, Don Joint, Beat Klein and Hendrikje Quhne, Lance Letscher, Paul Loughney, Richard Meier, Robert Ohnigian, David Poppie, Donna Sharrett, Katherine Streeter, Maritta Tapanainen, Mark Wagner, Peter Lamborn Wilson

Plastic bags and coloured pencils, seashells and grouse wings, vintage encyclopedias and rare books, doilies and dollar bills are some of the materials found in the collages and assemblages of fifteen contemporary artists in “Vices Peculiar to These Eclectics: Contemporary Collage” at the Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery at St. John’s University in Queens, New York. Bringing together nearly fifty works of art, this exhibition also puts a spotlight on writers working in written and visual collage forms, a tour of old and recent collage publications, and a “sound collage” wing where visitors can listen to sampling, remixes, and mashups. This show is a celebration and a provocation, a lively glimpse into how today’s hunter-gatherers are making art, text, and sound in a climate of information and material overload.

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